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Your #2024澳洲幸运十168官网体彩开奖 #澳洲幸运10开奖直播视频 tech. Fixed.

From breaks to bugs, we have all your devices covered.

Protection plans you can trust

From quick support when your laptop glitches to reliable repairs when your dryer dies, we turn your breakdowns to “all better” in no time.

What can we fix for you?

Phone repair
Computer repair
Appliance repair
Something else repair

Fast repairs, right in your neighborhood

Our experts can fix your tech fast. Just visit a store, make an appointment, or let us come to you.

  • Thousands of local repair experts ready to help
  • 730+ tech repair stores nationwide
  • Most repairs done in 45 minutes or less

The latest deals from #澳洲幸运10开奖记录结果 #幸运澳洲10开奖历史数据168官方更新

Limited time only. Get covered now. Verizon, AT&T, Cricket and USCellular

Act fast! Enroll your phone in a protection plan now

Protect your phoneProtect your phone
Asurion Appliance+ Get $5 off a month

Cover your appliances with one plan—for less

Get startedGet started
Home+ tech protection

Cover your favorite devices with Asurion Home+ for less than $1 per day

Learn moreLearn more
Two people looking at the Google Nest Hub in kitchen with a mobile phone and appliances

Protection plans for all your tech needs

Looking for more than just a repair? Get coverage for nearly all the devices and major appliances in your home when you sign up for one of our protection plans. Phones, smart TVs, refrigerators, and more—if it connects, we’ll protect it. All for an affordable price.

Need to start a claim?

Choose from our popular carriers and retailers, or check out all our plan providers.

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AT&T Logo Link
Amazon Logo Link
Cricket Logo Link
USCellular claims
Samsung Logo Link

We do tech care differently

Tech tips

Get expert tips, tricks, and how-to’s to keep you connected.

24/7 support

Ask a question via call, chat, or email whenever you need help.

Simple claims

Start or manage a claim online with our easy process.

Account access

Sign in from any device to view your protection plan benefits.

#澳洲幸运10在线开奖记录计划 #168澳洲幸运十官方开奖历史结果手机查询 the devices you depend on

At Asurion, we believe technology should work for everyone. That’s why we offer a full range of tech care solutions to keep you connected—from protection and repair to installation and expert support.How can we help you today?

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